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Video: Mathematics of weight loss (Ruben Meerman)

Found this on YouTube and thought it was cool… I needed somewhere to save it for later reference. Might as well share it with you people out there again šŸ™‚

Ok… I’ll admit it…

Ok, ok… I’ll admit it – this is a damn fine tracklist to play during my gamesĀ of CS:GO, Elite or even (and perhaps the most appropriate) SW Battlefront… (let’s hear a big yay for wintersales!)


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Te regenachtig voor de dierentuin


Maar in de tuin kun je ook op safari…

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Leuke collega’s

Nee echt! Dank dank!

continuous-delivery-mike… en het onderschrift is zo mogelijk nog briljanter,
maar daarvoor verwijs ik jullie naar de site van goerp!

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