SAFe from a LeSS perspective

I ran into this nice informative post called “SAFe impressions from a LeSS Practitioner” on the “Fail fast, move on” blog (good reads, even tho or even more because I don’t always agree) . This specific post resonates with me because I know several people who are slowly putting a nuance in their original dislike of SAFe… the writer of this post not only states honestly what he likes and dislikes about SAFe (him coming from LeSS) but he also states why… he raises some good points…

It’s a theme for me the coming weeks also since:

  • I’ll be teaching my third “Leading SAFe” class in October/November. Always a lot of good discussions there on the pro’s and cons of SAFe.
  • I’m off to enjoy a “Certified LeSS practitioner; principles to practice” in October (by Graig Larman) and so looking forward to that! Maybe I should write a “LeSS from an SAFe perspective” blog afterwards 🙂
  • together with a colleague of mine we’ll most likely/hopefully be doing our fun and tongue-in-cheek “LeSS vs SAFe Battle” presentation at least two more times somewhere this year (we submitted it for Samenwerking Noord’s Agile Congres)

Lots of fun stuff happening! Lots of learning going on…

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