A severe case of chronic Tsundoku

“Hi – my name is Mike, I buy books and don’t get around to reading them…”

“Hi Mike!”

And yes, it turns out there is a name for this uncontrollable need I’m suffering from. Now in all fairness – I’m not 100% sure my diagnose should be Tsundoko. I suspect I’m affected with a variation of it but that doesn’t make it any less severe! I do read the books I buy… I just read to many at same time thus taking ages to finish them.

All joking aside – there’s always a pile of (work related) books (with little bookmarks in them) somewhere in my house, on my desk or in the bag I carry around (I won’t even mention the selection of ebooks on my telephone). It’s not my fault! – there’s just too much interesting stuff out there 🙂

Now to finish on the positive note; it’s also being described as “The Art of buying books and never reading them” and Scott Berkun explains why we don’t need to feel guilty (and he should know… he writes books… euhm… never read anything from him… maybe I… ?)


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