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Essential Video’s on Agile are a collection of posts where I keep together those video’s I think every Agile leader, coach, scrum master, product owner should see and rewatch once a month. Trust me on this one… these are and probably will stay amazing:

Lead India is an Indian television initiative launched on India’s 60th Independence Day by The Times of India Group. Hosted by Anupam Kher, the program aired on STAR One every Saturday evening. Citizens of India aged between 25 and 45 could participate in the three-stage contest, for which the winner would be a contender for participating in India’s next assembly elections, a place on the leadership and politics course at Harvard University, and a grant of Rs 50 lakh for pursuing a public welfare project of the winner’s choice. Lead India was the sequel to the newspaper’s earlier “India Poised” initiative launched in January 2007. “India Poised” aimed to promote India’s recent successes and its growing international importance, and also conducted a critical assessment of sectors where India needed improvement, with public governance at the top of the latter list. Lead India therefore aimed to address that concern by offering the winner an entry to active politics without a long path up the political ladder.

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